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Hi everybody!

I just wanted to mention that we did just get a *ton* of spam.

The two most active themes in the spam I've seen over the past week or so (though I have been afk at work quite a bit) have been:

This dumptruck-load just now: a dodgy-looking link, and text that looks like it's from real people talking about pornography, some of which pornography would not be legal in the US.

A longer-lasting and somewhat friendlier campaign, rife with misspellings and alphabet-soup unique keys, with text that has in some cases been copied from comments left by or about people I actually know, with a theme of programmer culture and web development.

Please continue to delete-as-spam any spam that you can, as while a lot of the spam will be from spammers who have already been squished, some of them may be from unique sources.