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Anti-spam work, starting at home

Found via Slashdot, the Washington Post has an article, The Scrap Value of a Hacked PC, which examines a number of malicious uses that your home computer can be put to if someone compromises it.

The malicious uses include being used as a zombie machine to spam websites (including comment spam to places such as Dreamwidth), and being used to solve CAPTCHAs.

So, while it's a very far outside chance that a virus on your computer personally could be leaving spam comments in your journal, keeping your computer and software updated, keeping a firewall between you and the internet (your router may already have one), keeping an antivirus program on your computer, and practicing safe browsing habits and avoiding phishing scams can help keep the internet a less-spammed place.

Snopes has useful information from telling good computer security advice from computer security myths.

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